Whole Plant Healing

We are passionate about providing you with the most potent and pure hemp-derived CBD edibles in today’s market


What We Do

We handcraft our edibles by combining the best ingredients with our proprietary hemp extract.  Full of over 200 natural phytonutrients including CBD, our whole plant products provide tasteful healing.


About Our Edibles

Our hemp extract, rich in CBD and abundant in phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavinoids, and hemp seed oil, are infused into hydrated fruits and blended with prebiotic fiber, healing exotic spices and herbs.

Your body deserves only the best, why settle for anything less.

Pure & Potent Ingredients

Hemp Extract (with CBD)0%
Refined Hemp Seed Oil0%
Prebiotic Fibers0%
Antioxidants & Anti-inflammatories0%

Why Choose Us

When you care about health and healing, you care about what goes into your body


Organic Hemp Extract

Our hemp flower extract comes from Colorado and is grown using organic and sustainable farming practices.


Rich In Antioxidants

We add organic Cocoa, source from Ecuador, known for its antioxidant benefits, to aid in the healing process.

Super Food Ingredients

We add exotic ingredients like Matcha (concentrated green tea leaves, rich in Theanine) to help combat stress and promote healing.


Natural & Healthy

We use 100% natural ingredients and never add processed sugar, additives, coloring or artificial ingredients.

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